Friday, August 10, 2012

My Thought's
Many bike companies today boost that they have light weight bike's BUT when it comes time to disclose their weight it always ends up still being over 20 pounds or the weight is estimated. Many companies do have a sub-20 pound bike BUT to own one you will have to take out a small loan to purchase it. Most people cannot afford a $7,000.00 to $10,000.00 super bike and the $4,000.00 to $6,000.00 range bikes have either Sram X5, X7 or Shimano XT or Deore components on them. Why would anyone purchase a $4,000.00 mountain bike that has low quality components? Why would anyone purchase a 25-pound $4,000.00 hard tail mountain bike? Well, that is where I come in. I am here to let you know that someone is thinking about you, "the secretive weight weenie" who wants’ a super light weight mountain bike that looks as good as it rides and that doesn't break the personal bank of you.
My Mission
My mission is to build you a custom carbon fiber mountain bike that weighs no more than 20 pounds and most important cost less than any of the major brand bike company’s middle of the line mountain bikes. My bikes are custom tailored to your wants, needs and wallets.

My Bikes
All of my bikes have either Shimano XTR or Sram XX/XO drive trains. No X5, X7 or Deore components here and for disc brake systems I like to go with the Ashima's PCB system because at just a hair over one pound for a complete front and rear system you cannot find anything lighter. However, if you would like a Sram XX/XO or XTR disc brake system I can make that happen to.  All of my bikes have either Rock shox Reba RTL or better, X-Fusion's Velvet or better and for the Fox people out there, I am willing to put a Fox Shox on your rig but for a little extra. You can choose from a 9 to 10--speed rear cassette, which is made from a solid piece of aluminum and weigh’s 127 gram’s and the gearing option is from 11t up to 36t or you can have a single speed setup where I utilize either a titanium single speed cog or a very cool Gates Carbon Belt Drive System.  I use carbon fiber crank set’s from Sram, FSA and Specialize and you can choose from a single, double or triple chain ring and any configuration you want. I only use KMC X9 or X10SL Ti-coated chains in either gold silver or black. They are the best chains on the market and at 225 gram’s they are the lightest you can get. With the wheel set, I can build you a set of custom wheels in carbon fiber (for a little extra) using bladed or triple butted spokes with aluminum nipples or build a wheel set from what you might have laying around.
Nevertheless, all of my hand built wheels weigh under 1800 grams for the 29er's! Just think what a set of 26er's would weigh!  There's a third option where I try to find pre-built wheel sets but only if they weigh less than 1900 grams for 29er's and 1750 gram is for 26er's. I can build a 27.5er or "650c" custom mountain bike as well but I cannot guaranty that the bike would be a sub-20 pounder because there's not a whole bunch of parts for that wheel size bike out there. The tubeless tires that I like to use are the Stan's Raven 26ers, 29ers and Maxxiss MaxxLite 285. Both are solid tires with good grip and most important they are the lightest tubeless and non-tubeless tires out there. The cockpit is all from one manufacturer and is all carbon fiber from the handle bar, stem and the seat post. You get to choose which manufacturer you would like on your bike. As for saddles, I really like the Selle Excess saddle due to its shape, color and construction. At 165 gram’s it is the best-priced saddle out there. Lastly, I remove all cro-molly bolts and replace them with either titanium or aluminum bolts. I also offer 3-decal options and or have it painted to any style you would like. There isn't a color, paint scheme or font style that I cannot do!

My Terms
Each bike is made to order and takes 2 to 4 weeks to finish. That they weigh between 14 to 19-pounds. If I go over the 20-pound mark on your build, I will take $25.00 off every 1/4 pound I’m over. You are updated with the progress of your build with pictures, emails and phone calls so that you are a part of the build process and if you want to change anything, we are able do it before the bike is delivered. Did I mention that I ship the bike for free? The frames have a 2-year warranty and the components have warrantees with their manufacturers.

My Bikes Are For
The person who doesn't know how to build a custom mountain bike themselves or the person who doesn't have time to spend week's searching on the internet for frame's and component's in their price range and not knowing which would be suited for them. In addition, the weekend racer who loves the sport and keeps finishing outside of the top 10 due to the lack of proper component's and a heavy frame. He or she is the one that has a picture of their dream bike on his or her's screen saver but it's one of the bike's I mentioned above. You remember the $8,000.00 super bike that weighs under 20-pounds.  This is what I do; I build super light custom mountain bikes at affordable prices.

My Promise
I promise you that your bike will truly be a one off masterpiece. My attention to detail is second to none and that I use only high quality components. That my customer service rivals that of the big bike brand manufacturer’s and if you ever have question’s or a problem with your bicycle I will do everything within my powers to make sure you are taken care of in a respectful and timely manor.

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